Production Team

All the teaching and learning material of Jodo Gyan is developed through engagement with children over a period of 2 decades. These TLMs are produced in a community-based collective called Jodo Gyan Udhyog. People engaged with the production of these TLMs are also exposed to the context where the product is used. Currently, there are 30 people working full time in Jodo Gyan Udhyog with 2 units being engaged in the production of our learning materials. Our TLMs are used in more than 30,000 schools across the country and outside India.

Kendra Team

Kendra – The experimental learning center has non-graded pre-primary and primary classes and follows an integrated curriculum involving inquiry-based pedagogy. The center is aimed to inculcate the spirit of cooperation as well as critical thinking. The teaching involves inquiries in which younger and older ones participate and contribute at their own level. Kendra has been developing educational practices that are helping first-generation learners to emerge as confident learners.

School Team

From curriculum development to assessment and its implementation, all is managed by the collective efforts of the School team. Product demonstrations, workshops, and fairs are also performed by the same team. Jodo Gyan is intensely involved in teacher education and has also conducted thousands of workshops across the country during the last decade. This involves the in-service teacher education and leads to the development of a different type of modules to support teacher education.

Office Team

The team takes care of the responsibilities related to the procurement, supply, accounts, and finance.

Resource Centre

Located at Jia Sarai, Near IIT Gate, New Delhi, Resource center is created to share our understanding about Math and Science pedagogy with teachers, parents, principals, and others interested in the education sector. All our teaching-learning materials are available at the resource center. Periodically, we conduct workshops on topics like fractions, geometry, the evolution of mirrors and shadows for the specific audience from different sections of the education sector. Specialized exhibitions such as Pre-Primary exhibition, Hindi Pustak Mela and Mathlab exhibition are also being held from time to time.

Our effort in the direction of developing our resource center has built it into a place where educators come to share and reflect on educational issues and practices.

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