Our Approach in Mathematics

Jodo Gyan has developed innovative methods and materials for developing Number Sense, the teaching of fractions and decimals, integers and other mathematical concepts and reasoning. In the area of early numbers, these methods focus on the development of Number Sense. In this approach, the connection of the number with quantity is kept alive which helps to connect to the lived experiences and intuitions of the child. This quantity aspect of Number Sense has been seen to be powerful in the learning of fractions and algebra in later stages. This method also strongly focuses on counting and then structured counting which follows the natural and flexible ways of mental addition and subtractions. This approach also involves the use of the empty number line as a very powerful tool to support thinking and reasoning about numbers.

Our work has gained appreciation at multiple levels over the years. Experience over the last decade involving thousands of children has demonstrated that these methods are effective in developing mathematical abilities of reasoning and problem solving, children learning through this approach feel very comfortable and confident about mathematics, thus eliminating the fear of mathematics.

Spreading Our Approach Further

Jodo Gyan sees itself as a part of the on-going effort in our country to make education meaningful for our children in schools both within and outside the government. Jodo Gyan has been reaching out to teachers, teacher educators, schools, education functionaries and other educational organizations through workshops and fairs across the country to share its learning, experience and pedagogic insights about teaching mathematics using activity-based approach.

We are specifically working together with different State Government Schools, Kendriya Vidyalayas, Army schools and Private schools spanning CBSE, ICSE, IGCSE, IB and State Boards. We have also worked with NCERT, SCERTs, DIETs, Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and higher education institutions such as Delhi University and Jamia Milia Islamia University.

About Our Curriculum

Methods at Jodo Gyan have been developed by connecting experimentation in actual conditions with the insights of current researches in the education sector. This work draws heavily on the work done by Usha Menon at the CSIR Research Institute, NISTADS, Jodo Gyan Kendra – An Experimental Learning Center and Freudenthal Institute, Utrecht University, Amsterdam.

How We Work

Jodo Gyan is organized broadly as 3 teams and all the teams work together very closely enabling Jodo Gyan to flexibly respond to the diverse needs of the partnerships and programs that we are running.

School Team, involved with conducting workshops and interacting with schools.

Production and Office Teams, involved with the production of appropriate teaching-learning materials.

Kendra Team, involved with the running of the Learning Centre.

Check here to know more about our teams.

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