We are a non-funded, not-for-profit social enterprise. Since its establishment in 1998, Jodo Gyan has reached out to more than 70,000 teachers, 2000 teacher educators and school leaders along with approx. 21000 schools across the country. We intend to carry forward our work by establishing linkages with all organizations and individuals concerned with providing quality education to our children to enable them to embark on the path of inquiry-based learning.

Jodo Gyan is an organization working to find workable solutions to the problems in classroom practices. Since 1998 we have worked closely with students, teachers, teacher-educators and parents, particularly in mathematics and science education, to introduce innovative methods through which children will understand and enjoy what they are being taught. Conducting workshops, mainly in-service as well as for trainee teachers, designing, producing and providing low-cost TLMs (teaching-learning materials) for the implementation of activity-based education have all been a part of this endeavor.

Curriculum Enrichment Program

This program helps the schools to enrich their curriculum practices through some meaningful activities. Thousands of schools in and outside out country incorporate our pedagogical practices into their curriculum.

Mathlab Design

Math labs are designed to conduct meaningful activities on a regular basis for critical ideas in middle school mathematics. This helps in removing the math phobia and make mathematics learning understandable and enjoyable for children.

Research and Development

Our efforts at problem-solving at the ground level have been strongly linked to the work done by Usha Menon at the CSIR research institute NISTADS. This, in turn, has drawn on the research done elsewhere in the world.

Developing Teaching Learning Material

Jodo Gyan offers a variety of tools and kits to teach different mathematical concepts like a number, addition, multiplication, fraction and decimal, integers and algebra, etc. for activity-based learning. These teaching-learning materials are developed in a long process of actual problem solving while teaching mathematics to our children in Jodo Gyan-Kendra.

Mathematics Curriculum Design and Implementation

This is a combination of orientation workshops, demonstration classes, mentoring subject coordinators and conducting regular assessments of learning. Our programs cover pre-primary to middle school mathematics for CBSE, ICSE, IB and IGCSE schools.

Workshop for Teachers and Teacher Educators

Jodo Gyan offers a different type of workshops for teachers as well as the teacher educators. The idea behind all these workshops is to bring change in the way children are being taught Mathematics.

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